And the hits keep on comin'.

Last night while saying goodbye to the family... I went downstairs to kiss my lil cousins goodbye... I go up to my lil 9/10 year-old cousin and he says: Where's Scott?
Me: Scott? We broke-up over a year ago... I think it's time for you to move on.
Lil Cuz: He was fun. Why did you break up?
Me: Well... (trying to think of what to say to a 10 year-old) We grew apart.
Lil Cuz: People change.
Me: Yes, people change.
Lil Cuz: Well, he was too good for you.
Me: What?!? Too good for me!?! You better take that back!
Lil Cuz: No. (as he proceeds to run around the room because he knows I'm about to tackle him)
Me: Take it back or I will never babysit for you again.
Lil Cuz: Fine. I take it back.

I win. I think. Though ouch :/


Anonymous said...

You know...he means well and btw, he's 8. Love ya!


The Hearty Project said...

Oh, I know he means well...
the Lil Guz made me laugh :)

Love Ya!!!