Last night in texts

I won't bore you with the frivolous shit.
–You are f*cking dead to me.
–You gross piece of shit. Your acting abilities were subpar and your "music" sucks.
–The really f*cked up part is that I guessed it be4 she said it, which means what I really thought about the two of you. Nothing.
–She is not worthy of my friendship. You are not worthy of this text. You think that it was not premeditated that makes it better. Who the f*ck are you kidding
–Eat a dick
–Hey can you call me when you get a chance?
–I deserve you hating me and I hate myself
–I f*cked up. It was a mistake, but I take full responsibility. I'm really sorry, I understand if that means nothing to you. You're right, I'm a piece of shit.
–The fact that it happened with her is really irrelevant – though obviously makes it worse. There was no premeditation to any of this... at least on my part. 
–I didn't accept the invitation to the after party expecting or planning for any of this shit to happen. I went over there as a friend. Obviously we got hammered, one thing led to another and I made a huge mistake. I'm not making excuses. But you're making it look like it was a long time coming... But you can think what you want. You're obviously entitled. I just want you to have your facts straight, whether you believe me or not. I don't know what the f*ck she told you happened. But honestly, I feel a bit manipulated. Though I should've obviously known better in the first place and just drove home... There is nothing I can say or do to make any of his disappear, or even better. Yes I f*cked up, yes I'm a piece of shit. You deserve better. I'm so sorry. And goodbye... I wish I kept better control and made better decisions, being f*cked up is not an excuse.

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