More angels...

(Upon viewing that The Real Housewives are coming to D.C.)
Me: DC, really? Wow, I guess we've arrived.
You know I call us The Real Single Broads of Bmore (or B*tches depending on my mood).
Can you imagine if they were filming me this weekend?
Lil Miss Taco Tuesday: They'd have to split it between four episodes. Saturday night alone would take up one...

Saturday night, after all that nonsense from below–I went dancing... logically. I was in NYC and I went to SOB's for some live Brazilian music. Why? Cuz beautiful Cali boys with strangely-good rhythm aren't going to dance by themselves... No/no/no. Without going into too much detail, I had a night reminiscent of this one... too strange to even repeat.

I am left wondering if we have a certain number of guardian angels allotted to us in our lifetime. I'm hoping it's not like the "9 lives" thing, cuz I'm most certainly pushing my limit.

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