Your baggage bores me.

Boys with baggage are freakin' unattractive. It makes sense, the older we get, the more experience we amass and not all of it is positive. Yes, I have my own trust issues (identity theft is a b*tch), but this is something I can get over the more I get to know you. Dating in your 30's (holy shiz I can say that now) means most likely your taking on someone's loaded past and hangups. It means babies and babyMama's, crazy ex's who are still in the picture, exWives, exFiancés, walls, trust issues, marriage issues, tied-up finances, prior commitments. It means, "Well, my ex used to do it this way" or "I don't plan on getting married again".

I've never broken anything and I have minimal/barely visible scars. Aren't men supposed to be the tougher sex? I'm no nurse, I'm not here to band aid your wounds. Suck it up. Bounce back.

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