Startin' the New Year off right.

After some late night house hopping, I start the 1st day of 2010 at the Royal Farms in Highlandtown for some much needed coffee. Apparently everyone else had the same idea because there was a super long line of caffeine holding patrons. My friend Emmaline and I were still dressed in our NYE finest, which for me meant sequins. The obviously/local lady in her late 30's/early 40's behind us comments on how nice we look and asks where did we go last night. After explaining that we went to some house parties, she begins to recall her wild drinkin' days. She's rambling about bars and parties, not being in her right mind and not being able to find her car, etc. She then comments on Emmaline's "European look" and asks if she's ever been there. Emmaline replies that she's been to a couple of countries... Then follows a conversation about Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, Jamaica & Ireland, but especially Paris. Terry (I think her name was) was very adament with her distaste for the Parisians. This sparked the woman in front to join in the conversation because she too felt strongly about how rude they were. This discussion about "our wild ways" and the world lasted for at least 10 minutes, till we finally got to the register. I bought Terry her coffee and she gave us big hugs and wished us Happy New Year. She was so genuinely happy to have met us. It was a moment for us all.

After I showered and de-sequined, I met my friend Celena at Woodberry Kitchen for their NYDay Brunch. This brunch was purposely planned as the kick-off to our new blog about Bmore restaurants (Honsauce-details to follow)... Though NYmorning–maybe not the best time as far as alertness goes. But boy, did I have the most delicious 1st meal of 2010! Steak and Eggs (all organic) w/ onion rings, skillet potatoes and béarnaise sauce... Yumm!

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