Letting reality be reality.

Black and white is hands down my favorite color combination–it's classic, crispy and dramatic. Come visit my apartment, open my closet doors–you'll see. But when it comes to my personal life I invent a million shades of gray. I concoct elaborate story lines for why the characters in my life aren't there. This goes for family, friends and lovers alike.

Let's see: Family... maybe she was brainwashed by some Santeria-like cult and must swear-off any prior ties. Friends... maybe she's dating someone new, someone running for office who would be offended by how many times I use "fucker" in a sentence. Lover... maybe he has a "Love Child" and has sworn to be a better father than he had, so their eloping-even though he really wants to be with me. Who knows, but chances are that the reality is not that complex. I'm just not that important (to them). That's the black of it.

I need to save that imagination, channel that creativity into something or someone worthwhile (me). Paint, sew, and bake with all those shades. Keep it in or give it to those who have always been there and who always will be. I'm gonna bake me a cake today... better yet, a flan for you!

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