The balls on that Dude.

A couple months ago, I accompanied a Friend to a casual "work" party at someone's house. Friend was fairly new to the department (also one of the youngest) and I think he viewed it as a way to network and smooze a bit with his co-workers. I didn't want to stand in the way of this... so I tried to strike up conversations with other party-goers.

Maybe a lil backstory is necessary... Friend had a (fairly important) government job and was an ex-Marine. What does that mean? Two inflated heads sitting on his shoulders. I'm not going to lie... Cocky men have been my downfall. Dating a cocky man means I spend the majority of time trying to chip away at his pedestal and frankly, that is no fun. On another note: Ladies! If you encounter these men–do yourself and other woman a favor... No Compliments!

This party was full of inflated heads and for the most part they were all pretty entertaining. I struck up conversation with one in particular who I seemingly had a lot in common with. He had worked in Puerto Rico for several years and had opened an art gallery in NOLA years back. I actually enjoyed my conversations with Dude, but at some point in the night I started to worry that I was talking to him too much. I thought maybe he was getting the wrong impression. I was in NO WAY flirting and besides I had come with someone else. Honestly, this Dude did not care. My Friend would come to check on me and he might as well have been invisible.

At one point, we were sitting around a bonfire while the men recounted work stories. I was sitting on Friends lap and Dude was making sure my wine glass stayed full. It was a tad bit awkward. But it gets worse. As we were leaving (literally at the doorstep), saying our goodbye's to everyone, Dude whispers in my ear and asks for my number. I was dumbfounded/embarrassed and just quickly told it to him. I didn't want to make a scene. Really the balls of this Dude to pretty much ask me in front of everyone. In the car, I was honest with Friend about it. I had nothing to hide. Friend said he had caught that and found it odd.

The rest of the night, I put my chisel away. Friend's pedestal had taken enough of a beating. I was kinda smiling on the inside though... Dude actually sent me texts the next day asking me to watch the game with him. I never responded.

Last night, I answered the phone of an unfamiliar number. Guess who? Yup, Dude. Seriously?! He said that he hadn't forgotten about me (apparently, I leave quite an impression ;). He actually apologized for waiting so long to call (due to work and family obligations–yawn, "your baggage bores me") and said if I was ever in the area, he'd like to take me to lunch ("his treat"–I lost some of my dinner at that one). The whole conversation was crazy awkward, mainly because I just wanted to laugh the whole time. I tried to be nice, thank him for his call and again he said he'd like to "treat me to lunch". Seriously, DUDE I can afford my own lunch! ugh! Grown-Ass Men are just as foolish as the lil one's!

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