Olsen Lovin'... not sure which one, doesn't matter.

I love this photo for several explicable and even more inexplicable reasons...
  • The seemingly disheveled nature
  • The over-accessorizing
  • The mixing of metals and beads
  • The little pops of red
  • The grossly-oversized mens shirt
  • The grenade keychain
  • The diet Coke
  • The little flash of bra
  • The gold men's watch
  • The retro Raybans
  • AND, probably the number 1 reason: the lil curled lip stank face she's giving. Love it.

When accessorizing always take off the last thing you put on.                                    CoCo Chanel

I think that's true for the "Red Carpet", but for day to day... pile that shit on.

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