My soundtracks

I associate music (songs, sometimes whole albums) to people in my life. It could be the obvious... We went to a concert together, You liked to sing it obnoxiously, We shared some sort of significant "moment", etc. OR it could be something we've never heard together but a song or album I used to play when We were in the thick of it.

Music plays a huge role in our days at work. It sets the mood, sets the pace and keeps us from going nutty. I work in close quarters with Mouth and May and thankfully for the most part we are on the same musical wave length. Except, sometimes Mouth tries to slip in some 80's hair metal or music with a twang and I quickly veto it with my remote or the death stare.

Now, if I am in the thick of it and brooding–I need to listen to very specific artists. Usually my 1st go-to is Diana Ross, followed by her Supreme years and then some more modern chics. More important, are the albums/artists that are forbidden during these periods and since Mouth and May have come to know me so well, they know exactly which albums to detour.

I am very fortunate to work with coworkers that entertain these moods (although every now and then, I suspect Mouth of purposely letting the music end-up there to laugh at how irritated I get). What's even worse is that I might have tortured them 2 months prior by making them put the album on repeat. I make them grow as fond of an album as I am and then I forbid it to be played. Evil, I know. So serious am I that they wait till I leave for lunch to listen to these forbidden artists. Occasionally, I'll come back early and catch them in the act and the record will scratch ;)

Artists do come back into rotation after I've made my peace with the issue or the person. Take yesterday for example: (After trying to give Mouth the death stare AKA the signal to change the music)
   Mouth: I thought you were over Him.
   Me: I don't know... maybe next week...
         –Geez, give me a break. WE listened to the Shins yesterday!
   Mouth: I thought you were over Him.
   Me: I am. That's why I didn't give a shit.

On a side note: I've learned if our/your song ever has a negative connotation, e.g. "With or Without You", I/you should probably be without.

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