Dude talk

Yesterday I spent the day with the boys (my neighbor and his friends). I had the aftermath of my bday party to clean-up, but I chose to watch football instead. I barely watched the game because A: I could care less and B: their back and forth BSing was far more entertaining.

Topics of conversation: duck vs. goose, Rotel, Velveeta, gold vs. platinum, ring settings, wedding registry, divorce, tutoring, underage hot chics, Georgetown vs. UofMd, Romo, facebook profiles, facebook privacy, girlfriends/fiances, pictures of ex's on facebook, family on facebook, girlfriends thinking your gay, local bartenders, vomiting, plastic-lined beds, drunken dancing, underage hot chics (again), Jager, a-hole comments, sobriety, Baptists, cleaning house, girlfriends/fiances cleaning, sex/blow jobs, fake jugs, cat piss, proposing, xbox, working from home, birthdays, turning 30, Favre, beans, pot brownies... Almost in that order.

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