Tall and Handsome with a Side of Swagger please.

My sisters recently met a “date” of mine. Not really on purpose... circumstances just worked out that way. I generally don’t bring prospects around family till I’m sure they’re worth it. Well one of my sisters commented to me the next day that she didn’t see my attraction, that he wasn’t really my type and had no swagger. The latter made me laugh. After I regained composure, I asked her, "What is my type?" We started to analyze my past boyfriends and tried to link their common traits. We couldn’t, but she still adamantly believed they had things in common. For me they were all different personality and swagger types. In the past, I feel like I’ve let the pendulum swing from one extreme to another. If I was recently in a relationship with a jocky type dude well then my next boyfriend is usually the opposite. This never really works. I need happy medium. I need artsy lumberjack. Let me know if you come across one.

Lil Miss Mimosa asked me recently what my type was and I responded, "someone who is into the arts, down with family and doesn’t lie." That about sums it up... Frankly, I don’t really know what my type is. I just know who he’s not... See here.

But my sister is right, I demand a certain amount of swagger. I define swagger as confidence, as knowing who you are and not being afraid to be that around anyone or in any situation. I think this “date” of mine had this and my sister was merely judging on his style. If it’s style you need... You are with the right lady. I can style ya, but swagger I can’t teach that. And even if I could, I wouldn’t want to invest the time and effort. For crying out loud dude, stand up straight and look me in the eye... That’s a start. 

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