A tale of 3 cities: Where the boys are.

What's the 1st factor to consider when scoping out a new city??? Job Market? Real Estate? Cost of Living? Public Transit? No/no/no... The single men ratio, of course. The Daily Beast recently posted a story on the Best and Worst Cities to Meet Men. Out of the 36 biggest cities, here is how our area ranked (1 being the best and so on...):
6. Washington, DC – A city that's all about networking unwinds at some of the best happy hours in the country, and unlike its hipper neighbor New York, people actually have time for a social life.
15. Baltimore – At its heart, "Bawlamer" is still a working-class enclave, where hardy men have lingered to work in manufacturing and shipping.
25. Philadelphia – A major-league city, to be sure, but we're sorry to say that Philadelphia resides in the bush leagues when it comes to men.
BTW: Top 3 were Atlanta, Boston and Seattle, Bottom 3 were San Antonio, El Paso and Jacksonville

Other stats put Baltimore at 3 extra single Woman per 1000 people, Washington DC at 2 extra single Men per 1000 people and Philadelphia at 3 extra single Woman per 1000 people (in the 30-44 age bracket). Check out Cali, looks like I'm on the wrong coast...

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