I told you I'm a lover AND a fighter.

Tonight I attend the much anticipated Muse/Silversun Pickups concert at the Baltimore Arena. I am going with lil Ms. Wildchild-Renee (pictured below) and an old friend of mine, Susan. I have not seen Susan in literally 10 years! We recently reconnected on facebook and after I posted a mass message asking for company to this concert, she responded that she’d like to join me. So besides being pumped for the bands, I’m excited to hang out with my old dear friend.

Susan and I used to work at The Gap, back when The Gap was super-gung-ho on customer service. These days you go in there and never even get a Hello. Back then, we had quota’s to meet and damn if we didn’t do it with a smile. This smiling part came much more naturally for Susan. She was the epitome of The Gap Girl... Tall/beautiful/golden locks and a bubbly personality to boot. Usually, I don’t mesh entirely well with these kind of people because 9/10-I don’t buy it. But with Susan, it was no show. She was actually that sweet, genuine and good natured. So naturally, I wanted to put her in my pocket and carry her around with me ;)

Around my freshman year of college, a group of us went to a club (what’s now the Ottobar) in the city to see a dj friend of ours and Susan joined us. This club was a lil seedy, but we were not yet of drinking age so our standards were not so high. As the night goes on, I notice a group of Yo-Girls eyeing up Susan and then doing the standard catty BS with each other. Being a serious victim of bullies in HS, I am strongly attuned to girls wanting to rip your hair out. My arm hairs were on end as these girls approached Susan. One of them starts in with something like, “Why are you giving my girl dirty looks?” Something silly and insane like that... They are grasping at straws just to intimidate her and start shiz. Now, I know I have a tendency for the dramatics, but these were 3 big girls! Nevertheless, I was fully ready to take them on if it meant totally getting Susan out of the situation. No one's going to throw shade on my sunshine. Plus, I kinda felt bad for bringing her there in the 1st place. So, I get in big girl's face and say some more silly shiz. Now I have her friends around me and I am 100% sure it’s going down. In this moment, I thought I might as well get one hit in before they all pounce and that’s what I did. I threw the 1st blow and that’s about all I got. Next thing I know, I’m covering my head on the ground receiving blows from 3 big Yo-Girls that are in desperate need of dye jobs. It didn’t last long (about 3 min), long enough for one of them to scratch my eyeball and bust some blood vessels-not cute. The guys I was with broke it up...

This might of been one of the last times I saw Susan, not because of this event, just because I started hanging out more in the city and our paths went different ways. I still look back on this night and get a teensy bit excited and proud. Nothing I would change.

*BTW: I would rather love than fight. But, unfortunately there are some situations which can not be avoided. Good thing I am a GAW (Grown Ass Woman) with a choice.

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