Damn that David Grey.

Last night, I celebrated an exhilarating class of Zumba with $2 tacos at a local county dive. While catching up with my gf Jenn, we were approached by a regular. The first sentence out of his mouth was, "So Ladies, what can I play you from the jukebox, Megadeath, Judas Priest, or Iron Maiden?" Wow! Decisions/decisions... I told him that GnR and Metallica is about as heavy as I go. He goes to the jukebox, makes his selections and strolls on back. For about 10 minutes he insists on us guessing who is playing... it's not Metallica, it's not GnR. He even gets other patrons involved, but eventually he reveals that it's Slipnot. Wonderful. He then proceeds to throw his "game" at me. Telling me back in the day he was much more "svelte" and was considered "the cat's meow" (quote/unquote). We point to a painting on top of the stone fireplace and ask if he knows who it's of. He informs us that it's "the most interesting man in the world", from the Dos Equis commercials (I'm familiar with them, but I didn't have my glasses on). Maybe we commented on his handsomeness because he tells us that–that's what he's going to look like in 10 years.

So, I now have an idea what he looked like 10 years ago and what he'll look like 10 years from now. He obviously needs some help in selling the here and now! Eventually one of the staff steered him away from us fearing that he was offending. But I actually thought he was a sweet dude. I drew a quickie sketch of him, but now that I look at it... it looks a lil more like a hairy chic.

Not sure what this scenario has to do with my drive home (besides being mildly entertaining)... but driving home that night/listening to David Grey, I started to feel a bit lonely. I don't miss checking in with anyone and I am extremely independent/self-sufficient (I will stand on my tip-toes on the very last step of the ladder-the one with the warning-to do it by myself), but it would be nice to have someone check and see if I got home ok. Just a quick call, nothing big. Or, it would be nice to come home and crawl into someone's armpit for 5 minutes (that's about my snuggle threshold... depending). That's all. It would be nice.

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