This chic has needs.

There is nothing better than encountering a marathon airing of a series on TV when hungover. Even better if the weather is grey and you have a Coke Slurpee in hand. Yesterday I had 2 out of 3. All bundled on the couch with my super-soft down comforter, I got sucked into a Soprano’s marathon. The episodes that I caught were when Carm and Tony were separated. Carm was entertaining the thought of dating AJ’s counselor. She goes to dinner with her priest friend and while he’s swirling spaghetti ‘round his fork, she tells him that she’s met “someone”. That they were just working on a “project” together and began to grow feelings for one another. The priest (not really showing much emotion, but def not approving) asks her, “What does Tony think about this?” Carm says that she really doesn’t think it’s any of Tony’s business, besides God only knows what he’s up to and where he’s been... The priest then begins to guilt her a bit, saying regardless they are still married, blah/blah and what would God think... She says, "Well wasn’t it God that brought this man into my life?" He replies, “Are you sure it was God and not some need your trying to fill?" She now begins to dig into her own plate of pasta and says, “Now I never understood that reasoning, wasn’t it God that put that need there in the first place?” Amen Sista. Waiter now comes to the table and asks the priest if he’d like pepper, just in time because he's obviously at a loss for words. Soprano’s was excellent at awkward silence.


Fashion Chalet said...

I have yet to see SOPRANOS. (i know, i know) but will eventually get the DVD's I'm sure and enjoy a few episodes at a time. :)

Thanks for the comment and for popping by my blog.

Keep in touch!


The Hearty Project said...

Oh, it's a definite must see. All the drama of SITC, but bloodier and more fattening foods ;)

I'll def kit!