A lil Glimpse of the Weekend

The city was alive with the sound of music! Literally...
I spent this past weekend running all 'round Brooklyn and Queens, totally entertained and in awe of the vibrant life people are living over there. It seemed like there was a celebration on every street corner... Salsa, Reggae music blaring, fire hydrants on full blast, old men playing chess, buffet lines of juicy soul food. In all seriousness... it kinda felt like I was in a Spike Lee flick ;)

The pics below are from my new favorite place in the whole-wide-world... The Brooklyn Flea! An awesome place where indie jewelry designers and artists collide with people selling industrial/vintage finds, while joining forces with gourmet chefs and deli's. My idea of heaven.
The view of Manhattan from the Flea

Stegosaurus Necklace? What!?!
My lil cuz and I with our purchases and our photo ops.

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