Worst Dates in Six Words

Shmitten Kitten asked her readers to submit their worst dates summed up in six words (great idea!).
Here are a couple of her favorites:
  • Suggested Hard Rock Cafe for drinks.
  • Made me sit in the backseat.
  • Yin yang necklace. Serious about it.
  • After hookup, accused of check fraud
  • The guy peed in my hamper.
  • Flashed gun. Then pitched me Amway.
  • Tried to eat Buffalo wings seductively.
  • Puked on my carpet. Denied it.
  • Insisted on tarot card reading first.
  • Used N'Sync to "pump himself up"
  • Covered ex-wife's name tattoo with unicorn.
  • Showed up in inside out sweatpants.
Here is my stab at it:
  • Flaming pink button-up, buttoned down.
  • Oh damn, his skinny pics lied.
  • Stated that he didn't eat vegetables.
  • Teeth like bad British sitcom actor.
  • Was blinded by his bedazzled shirt.

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