Stoop Storytelling

I can not say enough to describe how much I loved last night's show. It truly made be proud to be a city girl in this city. Last night was my first in hopefully many series of Stoop Storytelling at Centerstage. Was not sure what to expect but definitely was not expecting to be so moved to laughter and to tears by the stories whose common theme was "Haunted". The night's storytellers ranged from an English teacher, an eye bank technician, a haunted house owner/drummer to a ex teacher of history/now Bmore police officer. The stories were funny, ironic, heartfelt, revealing and some yes were kinda spooky. Three (casually screened) audience members were selected during intermission to tell 3 minute stories and even they told their stories with charisma and grace.

It got me wondering if I would ever have the nerve to tell a story in a packed theater. I imagine it to be pretty damn exhilarating and insanely scary. The hosts of the series also host a workshop to help participants refine their stories on a theme... Hmm... tempting... I hear around Valentine's Day the focus is on dating. Surely I can put together 7 minutes worth of entertainment revolving this topic ;)

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