The Hunger Games

Besides hosting a cozy lil BBQ for my family this weekend, one of the highlights was definitely finally slowing down to relax in bed with Stanley (my puggle), Mylo (my nephew puggle) and Sweet Lips (my sweet lips) while reading the second book of The Hunger Games series. I was so intensely absorbed in reading my book, that Sweet Lips picked up the first book I had laying around and started reading. So there we were... Monday (Labor Day) morning quietly reading together in bed with two puggles and the rain coming down the window panes. I need more mornings like those! 

Anyways, I highly suggest the series. A very inventive, sci-fi-ish, action, drama that's super easy and fun to read. Sweet Lips already finished the first book and is urging me to finish the second.
Of course, the series' popularity has already spawned a Hollywood blockbuster. It is in the making, set to be released in March 2012. Usually, I scoff at remakes of my novel favorites, but the star is the star of a recent flick I watched – Winter's Bone. I was really impressed with Jennifer Lawrence's performance, so maybe there is hope for Katniss on the big screen! I hope so!
Check out a mini-mini-sneak-peak:

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