Weekend in Photos (7.30-8.1)

Friday Happy Hour (Magic Hour) at Bay Cafe
Dude: Are you talking about the gun?
Lil Miss Taco Tuesday: Yes, they are just so damn interesting.
Me: Yes, metaphorically and phorically speaking.

Lil Miss Taco Tuesday: Is this somebodies wife right here?
Dude: No, total stranger. Just looking to hookup I guess.
Lil Miss Taco Tuesday: I can see that by her white shoes.
Saturday Night BBQ at Lil Miss Honsauce's crib
(Catch Phrase, Karaoke, Patron and a Finger-Lickin' Menu)
Me: Well I want to travel... I want a job...
Ultramatik: You can be my boo.
Me: What exactly are the duties of a boo? Plus, no one is going to get that outside of Bmore...

Lil Miss Honsauce: Last week, we were playing this game and the word was "french bread"... 
He just kept saying "ooh laa laa, ooh laa laa."

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