When I grow up...

And have enough yard space for a croquet set... I am throwing this party! 
Apartment Therapy had this great idea to host a Heather's Croquet Party:
What teen of the late 80's doesn't love the high school angst of "Heathers"? Bring it back by informing guests of your event with a raging "Dear Diary" style invitation. Encourage everyone to dress in Heather approved fashions like football jerseys ("I love my dead, gay son!"), colorful tights, jackets with shoulder pads, and of course, red scrunchies. The banquet menu should include appetizers of Corn Nuts and pâté, spaghetti with lots of oregano, and blue Drano cocktails (otherwise known as Blue Moon cocktails).
This movie is a cult classic! I was morbidly obsessed back in the day... I would have to don a blonde wig and crown myself "Heather Chandler" (aka Queen B*itch in Red) just for the affair.

Haven't seen the movie? Get some friends together and play the Heathers Movie Drinking Game.

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