The Taco Tuesday Tag Team heads to Cape Cod

It's about 8 am and we are headed to Cape Cod. We spent the night at a campsite a couple yards from the beach in Madison CT. Got there around 2, promptly plopped ourselves on the beach. Water temp was lovely, could've done without the "lionsmane" jellyfish though... Around happy hour, LM Taco Tuesday and I hit the box and tackle the asembly of our tent. We almost quit in the first 3 minutes... Poles were'nt bending right, wind kept blowing the damn thing up, but it came together when I got in the center to lift the axis while LMTT attached the corners. Then we sat at our dinner table (picnic bench) to cheers and relish in our accomplishment... Ah... We showered at the site: 2 suspect stalls right next to each other. LMTT freakin out over anything with legs, specifically a spider that I had to kill for her. After some suggestions from the camp staff, we headed to Bills on the water for a lil shellfish smorgasboard: mussels, clams, shrimp. We got to talking to the locals at the bar for a bit, who kept offering to be our tour guide on their boats. We graciously took their cards to be polite (maybe on the way back we'd say). OH! Also, on the way out LMTT noticed a massive turd dump on the back of my summer dress. Seriously, it was pretty gross, but it added intensity to the nonstop giggles of the day. We ended the night at our dinner table getting camp drunk and listening to Ray (LaMontagne), philosiphizing about life and shit. I think LMTT lasted til about 4am in the tent till she couldn't take the lil bugs buzzin' round and left to sleep in the car. Me, I just pulled the sheet over my head and continued to sleep. She woke me round 7am complaining about bug bites... Though I couldn't see any. She said one bit her head and I said I think it bit her brain. Either way, she had reached her camping limit.

So now we're driving along the coast up to our next adventure! I found us a hostel right on the water, pretty much at the tippy tip of that curly stretch in MA. Yup, hostel! LMTT is concerned about her kidneys being stolen. I'm excited! There were only coed rooms left, so should be interesting.

We are also in the process of trying to dread LMTT's hair, i already got a seashell in there.

*i am not spellchecking btw

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