Burnt and Bitten

Yesteday we arrived at our lil hippie hostel before noon. A cute white beach house with red roof and front porch. Inside were travelers of all ages, some international folk and somelady in a kerchief and long skirt making some serious soup. We change into our bathing suits in the parking lot and walk up a hill over the sand dunes to a gorgeous beach. We immediate set our supplies down to run in the water. Tiny bit chilly, but very refreshing... Hardly any people and amazing views right or left. We spend the majority of the day totally relaxing on the beach with books, music and snacks. We decide to take a stroll along the beach. The more north we go, the more secluded it becomes. We happen upon a menage a trois of nudist and try to avoid eye contact as we concoct a slew of pecker jokes. Shower up around 6 and head to Provincetown (at the very tip). Super cute town with rainbow flags at every corner. Pretty much a meca for flaming gay men. We contemplate going to an all nude boy show, appropriately titled: Naked Boys, but settle on celebratory Taco Tuesday fish tacos and site-seeing instead.
Luckily, our room is all chics. We can see the ocean from our window and nighttime is like our own personal planitarium.
10am now and we are on the beach, know one else around except this surfer looking dude throwing a line in the water. iPod playing the 500 Days of Summer Soundtrack. Reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Lil Miss Taco Tuesday reading This Charming Man. Think we'll rent some bikes later...

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