Weekend in Texts (8.13-8.15)

-Indeed. Perhaps we should get together to celebrate soon?
-Deal. Restaurant week starts today. Any nicer places you want to try out?
-I was sorta thinking Oregon Grille but I'm up for anything
-Sounds like a plan. I'll keep Sat (8/21) free and maybe we'll be able to squeeze in a drink on Sun.
-In the meantime, in the spirit of the Internet age of disclosure, my last name is ******. Google me to your heart's content. All cool info is true. All nerdy info is false ;)
-I have some sad news: I have only inserted a wall anchor twice in my life.
-(Have I mentioned that I search the internet for a living?) couldn't help myself.
-:) totally the opposite. You're hilarious and creative in ways few are.
-Chuckle. You're not too shabby at Internet sleuthing.
-Hey! I'm out in the city are you out?
-At woodys in fells but I can come wherever!
-I got back late last night. So we both had ridiculous good weeks? Nice!
-Yes we should. How's tomorrow night?
-Ooh, love restaurant week. Let me check online...
-Oh geez! ;) I have a concert I'm supposed to go to this Sunday, though it's still tentative. I guess next Sat, unless my Sun free's up...
-Ha, likewise: ******  *******
-VERY sneaky of you!
-Hope you're not scared now :/
-I have actually been working on my online anonymity... Guess I should work harder.
-Fullbright? Not too shabby...
-Where you at?!
-Would love to see ya!
-I'm on my way!
Saturday (INCOMING)
-Footlong cheesesteak, pluto asleep next to me, Star Wars marathon on Spike. Cant have more fun alone with my pants on.
-I'm watching A Time To Kill now. But we can convene any time. The only caveat is that I have court on Tuesday so my fate and freedom is yet tbd. Cest la vie.
-Lol... Anything ELSE on your list? ;P
-Would the windows version of cs5 help at all?
-I know... I'll work on it :)
Saturday (OUTGOING)
-Truly sounds like a spectacular night!
-Can you please do me a favor as your future life long friend and send me a message on tuesday?!
-Drive back sucked! On another note: if you can pirate me Illust, Flash, Dreamweaver CS5... I will be your very bestest friend!
-Lemme check on my latest dreamweaver, but I need all MAC baby! ;)
-Curtains look great! They will be the sunny spot in the eclipse of bac 2 work! Thanx my beautiful girl
-P.s. I do have a lil token uv appreciation 4 u stop by sometime this wk after 5
-Yep I think you're the lucky one!
-Nope I feel fine. Although we may have had a few beers while we were playing...
-Where you at homie???
-How was ur date???
-I feel ya... Things that we need never motivate us but that shit that u want, will have u doing the unthinkable to obtain...
-It was good. Hung with work people friday. Hung with public enemy yesterday and dj'ed last night.
-My roomate got rid of hbo. I'm gonna find somewhere to watch it tonight.
-It was good. Although I drove around for an hour with Chuck D yesterday trying to get his transmission fixed.
-Look at us, both paying proper respect to our moms. :) Shall I call you once my mom leaves?
-Dropping off your curtains in a bit...
-Anytime! :)-K, but all I need is love ;)-Are you sure you're not delirious from playing in the rain all day? Perhaps you should check ur temp?-That explains ur delusions of grandeur.
-Pretty good, nice guy... Maybe too nice. Prob what I need, but that rarely motivates me.
-Pretty good... Took advantage of Bmore rest week, chillin' at Moms now catching up on my Trueblood. How bout you?-Yeah, I usually watch it at moms or ****'s, although somewhat risque for mama's. Ur weekend sound fun :)
-Umm... Hi, that message was pretty freakin' hilarious, thank you.
-I guess the visual made me laugh.-Everyday is Mothers Day. Sure, give me a ring.

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