Weekend Shenanigans

Lil Miss Taco Tuesday: (on deciding whether or not to tell someone it's not going to develop into a relationship) Why? Why?Has anyone ever cared about your hopes and dreams?

Me: You say "Date Night" and I go limp.
Lil Miss Taco Tuesday: Or I stay home.

Lil Miss Taco Tuesday: I'm 28 single and jaded as a MFer and you're 31 single and jaded as a MFer... How is either one of us supposed to give each other sound advice?

Lil Miss Taco Tuesday: (to 2 dudes) Are you guys on a date? Just askin'... You guys are bickering like you are.

Email OUT: Smalltimore Strikes Again
So apparently there is a dude in Baltimore with some excellent taste in women... Since he went on a date with the both of us in the same week ;) What are the chances?!
Text Messages INCOMING
-Which dude?? I went on 3 dates in one week, so . . . . :)
-Oh ha ha! So funny. How did you find out?
-That is awkwardly hilarious where did you guys go?
-I know. I am done with dating. That is so awkward- for him.
-It fucking sucks.
-Ha no worries. Just tired of the same old same old.
-I know right? He seemed like a nice guy tho. 

Text Messages OUTGOING
-Hilarious. I believe you went to Salt...
-Well..... The girl with the dragon tatoo was brought up, I mentioned that was my book club book and he put 2 and 2 together.
-Pretty damn funny.
-Yes, my jaw was dropped the entire time he told me... We went to Jacks Bistro.
-Contrary to popular belief... There are NOT many fish in the pond.
-Ahh... The joys of dating in Smalltimore.
-I know and that's why i've had my sights and weekends set on DC, figures the one time I stay local...
-I believe he's a good dude, the coincidence is just reedic.

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