The interns are boning.

...I'm sure they would never use that term because they are beyond syrupy sweet. I've already scheduled my dentist appointment because every time they open their mouth my teeth ache. "Adorable" (hate that word) lil couple that sit caddy corner from each other. From what I gather they have a thrilling weekly schedule that involves Noodles & Company on Wednesday and the local (chain) bar that they can walk to on Friday. You can tell that the dude is totally enamoured by her. Jumping at every opportunity to get her attention. Taunting her... inventing lil games to entertain her. I have resisted the urge to burst into laughter on several occasions. Today they played cat and mouse over a yogurt that he stole from her and teased her by scraping the end of the cup. It's obnoxious, but I find myself turning my headset down just to torture myself with their shenanigans.

Mostly, I wonder if they're for real? Are they always that sweet to each other? Also, I wonder if I'm just turning into a nasty bitter witch. Frowning down on young love :/ I've become so immune to the bullshit, always expecting to find some skeleton. Working on the assumption that anything that seems too good to be true is. Sad... I'm sure it's totally plausible that they have a groovy kind of love. I think I might be a bit jealous... Eewh! Not of Noodles & Company, but... I guess of that sort of unabashed declaration of love. The kind that does not involve a text message or a facebook post. Not positive but I think he may be willing to kill a small horse for her.

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