A Hearty Happy Hour

with Hello Kitty Pink Bubbly
Yup, it does exist... can't say I'm entirely shocked considering I do own a Hello Kitty TV and toaster.

This week, I had cause for celebration so Sweet Lips brought home this bottle of bubbly that he found at Beltway Fine Wine. I'm usually not a champagne drinker, but who can resist Hello Kitty in a onesie??? Not I! 

The Brut Rose was slightly sweet/smooth and a lil nutty to my inexperienced palette. A fun spirit to toast a special occasion with. Prices online run from approx. $27-$37, but MD has funky liquor/wine laws – not sure they will ship here. You can pick it up at Beltway for $34.99 or I'd try the sister location in Laurel. Actually... after doing a bit of research, I'm a bit annoyed that I missed out on the Hello Kitty charm that apparently accompanies each bottle (most likely swiped by some under-age girl). Def making sure the bubbly has it's appropriate bling next time!

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