Emoticon Maddness

This is how Shmitten Kitten feels about emoticon texting and I gotta tell ya... I feel the same way. First off, I must admit that I have an issue over emoticoning my messages. It's bad. So bad, that I have to re-read my messages and edit them for excessive emoticons. This problem stems from not being able to communicate tone properly or often being misinterpreted (You might call me Lil Miss Interpreted), but what is the point of life if you can't use sarcasm??? You could say I use emoticons, like a teenage girl uses lol (Eeew). Here comes the double standard: These crimes committed by females are forgivable, but quite the contrary for dudes. I do think it's acceptable for them to incorporate an emoticon in the body of a text (limit 1 per text or message), but what is absolutely unacceptable is to just send an emoticon as the whole message ;)  or  :)  Oooh... this boils my blood! It's the kind of half-ass lameness that I am happy to totally ignore.

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