Movin' on...

I've been living in Sweet Lips' place (now OUR place) for almost 2 months and I'm finally beginning to see myself in it. My style, my arrangement, my personality, although he did make it easy on me... His furniture was sparse, his walls were bare and he had only painted two rooms, which he's now letting me paint over :) I think we see eye2eye on most interior decisions (as long as I keep hot pink to my studio), but  I do miss my old bachelorette pad a bit. That place will always have a special place in my heart. It has seen me through all kinds of highs and lows. It was the first place I ever lived on my own... all MY forks, all MY pots, all MY books... It's a pretty fantastic feeling to have ownership and responsibility for your own domain. No one to restrict any of your interior decisions, no one to give you the stink eye when you throw a sock and no one to pass judgement on when you come and go. It was a fabulous almost 4 years and I grew stronger because of it. Note: True badasses can entertain themselves by themselves.
Below are a couple of pics in homage to my old place:

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