Life is better with friends and pineapple upside down cake

but sometimes your friends move 19 hours away and that sucks!
Sometimes life sucks.
I've been in sort of denial lately about the recent news of Lil Miss Honsauce's big move. She recently told me that she had accepted a position in New Orleans and my heart sank down to my over-sized wedges :( I honestly can't imagine Bmore life without her. She has been an endless source of love, encouragement and good times for many years and I know we have many more years of ridiculous stories and cookouts ahead of us, but I still want to stomp my feet and throw an adult-size tantrum at the idea of her Bmore departure. It bloody sucks!
Below are some pics from our first gathering at my new pad...
Note:  I get really nostalgic for old boardgames, but if you feel like playing Life, prob best to not drink and play...  the rules are hella complex. The spinner however is still delightful.

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