la la land: the tidal wave

I walk into a 2story building at night that overlooks a busy street. The lower level of the building is a retail store carrying mostly fabric. I notice 2 girls that I know in line as I pass. One that I’m friends with and one who I used to be friends with. My friend comes up to me as I’m walking up the stairs and we exchange awkward small talk, she’s got the "I’m caught being a phony" look all over her face and I’m just like "uh, huh, whatever" (see petty girl shit, even in my dreams). She asks me what I’m doing there and I reply that I’m about to take a sewing workshop class. I say see ya later and continue to walk upstairs. I walk through the room pass the sewing machines to join the rest of the class waiting for the instructor. They are all on the balcony, which spans the width of the building and is pretty deep. There are 2 levels to the balcony, a lower ground level seating about 10 people and a swing above, that seats another 10. The swing is set up amusement style, there is a very wide/glittery/candy apple red/vinyl bar that sits in your lap. No wind-so it’s not swinging at the moment. I take a seat on the swing and listen to the conversations below. After a minute or two, I turn around to view the back of the room. Starting at the top of the steps, is a huge swell of water. Kinda like when Indiana Jones opens a hatch he shouldn’t have and has to run or swim for his life. Seeing this tidal wave of water headed our way, I scream to the others to brace for impact. I squeeze my eyes shut and wrap my arms around the abnormally wide/vinyl bar. I squeeze my eyes tighter and tighter as I hear the blood-curdling screams from the others who can’t hold on and are plunging to their death over the balcony. The waves of water keep coming and my arms are starting to slip. I dig my nails in and puncture the vinyl, I grab onto the stuffing and then onto the interior metal bar... Still refusing to open my eyes.

I wake up in a hospital in Delaware. Bruised and swollen, the doctors tell me that I am the only survivor. My sister picks me up and we drive back to the building. It’s early morning as I walk up the stairs to the 2nd level. The room is barren from everything being washed up and out, over the balcony. The light is blinding and almost all white. I’m in shock, quiet, and numb. I kneel down and put my ear to the ground. I’m listening for water... next time I’ll be better prepared.

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