Babe, I'm not your Babe.

I have been the lucky recipient of 2 straight nights of drunk texts/dials by 2 separate offenders. First off, it's way nicer to be on the receiving end because when I drunk text (usually don't dial)-it's usually not nice. There was a period there when my girlfriend and I would swap phones at midnight to avoid such embarrassment. Of course this scenario would only last about an hour till we were at each others throats demanding our phones back... I digress. Tuesday night a friend and I mean friend, sent several inappropriate messages around 1:30am, I blew them off and went back to bed. Now in the morning I could've ignored them and saved him some pride, but that's no fun. I thought, "RU freakin' nuts?," would be better. He responded that he had obviously too much to drink, etc... No harm, I was able to go back to sleep just fine, but last night was a different story. I received a call at 3am and usually I can shut the ringer off immediately, but since my power-button is jammed, I had to just let it ring-Ugh! I was pissed and couldn't go back to sleep. This morning I see that the selfish/lush left a damn message. Wonderful, this better be good. I listened to the 5 minute/seemingly coherent message on my morning commute. And it starts: "Hey babe..." Eeww, I cringe. "Babe", seems to be a growing epidemic, it's grossly overused. I think dudes think it's a quick way to seem endearing, when they know they haven't put in the work to earn that title. It's a douchebag move, which will later be listed in my post entitled, "You know your a douchebag if...(be on the lookout)" Anywho, not exactly sure how to respond to this one, especially since he sounded totally in his right mind–scary!

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