I'm noticing a pattern.

If you were to make a personality analysis with the gifts above, what type of woman would you think i am? I'm guessing an independent, man-eating feminist with a tendency to hit the bottle, which I guess wouldn't be too far from the truth... Above are some gifts/stocking stuffers received at Christmas which have an underlying theme. If you can't decipher, here goes: 1) a "It's all about me, all year long" calendar pad–which I will actually be using, especially the section for listing "people who just don't get me today" (with a section for who and why). I think I can fill that up quite quickly. 2) a pair of "Well Behaved Woman Rarely Make History" wine glasses–so I can cheers to me walking to the beat of a different drum 3) "Who needs a man?" cocktail napkins with cocktail recipe–hmm... if I am rollin' solo (which I am), then I'd have to spice this recipe up a bit and add some brandy (gotta keep myself warm)! 4) another set of cocktail napkins stating, "Sure, I'd like a Hot Toddy... or Mikey, or Billy, or Johnny"– Well, I've had all of them and none were quite satisfactory. 5) A coaster that says, "It is better to have loved & lost than to live with that psycho for the rest of your life."–Well, ain't that the truth!

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