my inner bear is craving meat, red meat.

My new Fetish! I recently received this awesome lil bear. Feeding and caring for him her will promote strength and inner power to perceive my present circumstances. Lil background: Fetishes have long been an important part of Indian culture. When a fetish maker prays over his created work, a mystical power is believed to be released which can assist man woman in finding a solution to his her present problems. It is essential that the owner of any given fetish care for their carving. It should be given proper admiration and regular feeding times. Fetishes are believed to feed on cornmeal. The better a fetish is treated, the better its overall performance. There are six cardinal guardian fetishes which are symbolic of the six directions. The first is a mountain lion which represents the North. The South belongs to the badger, the West to the bear, while the East goes to the wolf. Additionally, the mole guards the inner earth, while the eagle protects the heavenly regions. Cop your own.
Fetishes and Their Characteristics:
Badger: the ability to reach a desired goal
Bear: strength, inner power to perceive ones present circumstances
Beaver: progressive builder, one who promotes family unity
Buffalo: steadfast endurance to rise above one's weakness
Coyote: the ability to laugh at oneself, humor
Eagle: a soaring spirit that transcends personal problems, a connection to the Divine
Fox: camouflage, protection
Frog: for centuries able to petition the spirits to bring forth abundant rain
Horse: one of the only two fetishes that have innate healing powers
Mountain Lion: leadership, resourcefulness
Ram: used to procure an increase of herds
Raven: the bird's beak is scratched across an afflicted person's skull releasing its healing powers
Snake: a powerful fetish symbolizing life, death and rebirth
Turtle: a symbol of long, meaningful life
Wolf: teacher, path finder on the never ending journey for survival

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Why are the masculine terms crossed out? Are you trying to make a point? :)

PS this is cool