Immortalize your love in plastic I visited the site round Christmas. I joked with Sweet Lips that he was his own walking/talking bobblehead (due to the proportion of his head to his body) and googled to see if there was a place that would make a custom one of him. I easily stumbled upon this site, but then kinda dismissed it due to the price. Plus, who knows how accurate they get to your likeness. Well... now I have a personal example! One of my sister's besties posted this on facebook and I immediately asked for details. Turns out Stacie ordered the bobblehead of her and her honey through Look at the likeness... pretty darn close! Love it (!) and it was a Vday gift. How super sweet of her ('specially since this token of affection will set you back $160 bones... but how can you put a price on love). Great idea for cake toppers. Many body ops to choose from (not crazy about see saws but works well here).
For more of Stacie's cuteness, check her out at

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