So what... we're pigs.

My sisters and I met for lunch yesterday. In the mood for sushi, we started at Sticky Rice in Fells Point. Several rolls and a sakemosa later....  still hungry, so we headed to B.O.P. for a slice. And since it was an all-out kinda day... we hopped over to Pitango Gelato to satisfy our sweet tooth. Yes, sounds a bit excessive, but I regret not one single calorie!
Sakemosas at Sticky Rice (they were actually really weak, I suggest skipping them)

Sticky Balls at Sticky Rice (Hooray for Sticky Balls... they were deelish! :)

B.O.P. Slice with Mushroom, Pepperoni & Ricotta (A Classic!)
Pistachio and Orange Chocolate Noir from Pitango Gelato (the Chocolate Noir was actually sorbet, but the creamiest and dreamiest sorbet imaginable)
I'm starting to yelp... read more here if you'd like.

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