A simple thanks would suffice.

PhotobucketEver think you deserve a simple "thank you" card for all the hard work and effort you put into shaping-up your ex–who is now using those skills to impress his new girlfriend? I do. It wouldn't hurt for her to drop a lil card in the mail and say "thank you". I mean I saved her lots of time and did all the elbow work to get him all shined-up. The problem with all this work is that by the time you're done... you're done AND someone else reaps all the benefits. All the gems of wisdom, recipe shortcuts, wardrobe styling, interior advice, social skills, manners, improvements to their music taste and food palette. I think I have several cards that should be coming my way.

Although... I know I probably owe a couple "thank you" cards myself (not saying it would even out or anything), but there are a handful of "men" out there that have shown me a thing or two. Hidden gems in the city, savory recipes that impress, lil known musicians that make you feel all tingly inside–damn skippy I'm "stealing" those AND since it's not polite to speak of your ex when you're with someone new... They are just going to think that I'm a plethora of good ideas :) This is the benefit to exploring your options!

Kanye's Blame Game (the explicit version-is there any other?) explores this notion. At the end of the song you hear a dialogue Chris Rock has with his new chic. Apparently, she's picked up some new tricks and he is quite impressed. It's completely vulgar and hilarious and an ongoing text joke between Woody and I. Instead of being bitter or jealous of his chic's ex, he is appreciative and even offers to thank him... "You know what, I got to thank Yeezy. And when I see that nigga I'ma thank him. I'ma buy the album, I'ma download that motherf*cker. I'ma shoot a bootlegger, that's how good I feel about this nigga." Kanye's new cd (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy) BTW is full of non-stop bangers!

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