A Hearty Happy Hour

I have a feeling that this is what my Hearty Happy Hour is going to look like :(

My eyes feel like they are about to start bleeding, my tongue is in a constant state of having tasted scolding hot soup and my nose feels like someone keeps upper-cutting it with a sledge hammer. Not very TGIF.

I do not condone abuse of NyQuil btw. Been there, done that and it was not a pleasant ride... Left it on my nightstand one night when I was disgustingly sick, kept taking swigs during the night so I could sleep. The next morning, like a zombie, I went to work and thought to myself, "Self, I think you're high or tripping or hallucinating or somethin'." Not a good scene in a corporate office.

So word to the wise: Keep your NyQuil in your medicine cabinet.

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