A Hearty Happy Hour

The Easy Peasiest Summer Cocktail Recipe just got Skinny!
1 part Firefly • 1 part Water,  over ice (lemon wedge optional)
 Firefly and water is my number one summer go-to. Simple and satisfying. Truly tastes like a spiked ice tea and less bitter than just adding vodka to brewed ice tea. Firefly just recently released a "skinny" version and I tried it last night. It's naturally sweetened with Truvia and I taste a hint of honey flavor, but besides that it's pretty darn close to the original. So close, that I'll opt for the 72 calorie version vs. the 110 calorie one.

If the establishment you're at does not have Firefly, Jeremiah Weed (Fun Fact: Jeremiah Weed and Water is known as a... Michael Phelps :) is on par with the same flavor (maybe a bit more of the brewed taste), but do not settle for that Seagrams crap, cuz it's crap.

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