The Ugh Meter

Ever have one of those days where the wind can blow slightly in the wrong direction and it irritates the hell out of you??? I had one today and it started first thing...

Let's say: -100=Curl into the fetal position and sobb (loudly), -50=Play hookie and stuff face with Hagan Dazz,  0=neutral, +50=Walkin' tall(ish) with a bit of swag, +100=Kanye-type ego in full effect

April 20th, 2011
-20 (6:45am) Migraine beginning to creep in
-30 (7:00am) Recall horrible nightmare involving my sister and I being tortured by her juvie kids
-35 (8:15am) Work only has crapass coffee left for the Keurig
-10 (9:30am) 3 advil finally begin to kick-in
-25 (10:00am) Struggle with company site... version 13
0 (12:30) Walk out for lunch to a beautiful day
-35 (12:45) Try on some dress options for Easter... not liking what I see in the mirror
-10 (1:00) Yummy Fuji apple salad for lunch
-25 (2:00) Struggle with logo for company software... version 33
-35 (4:45) My work load for the next day has just tripled
-40 (4:50) Photoshop keeps crashing
-45 (5:40) An added 20 minutes to my commute home due to who the hell knows what
-15 (6:00) Eat a peanut butter cup and watch a bit of reality tv
+10 (6:15) Boyfriend tells me how beautiful I am (without knowing of my crapass mood)
+25 (6:30) Release some stress by smacking some tennis balls around with the BF
+40 (7:15) Discover at the liquor store that my favorite summer-time drink now comes in a "skinny" version
+45 (7:30) Eat a satisfying taco dinner accompanied by white wine
+50 (8:30) Take a long steamy shower
+55 (9:00) Make a timeline of my day... get it out of my system, make peace with it.
Hoping to only go up from here...

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