Online Dating vs. The Job Hunt

"I get so tired of working so hard for our my survival" - Peter Gabriel
I've re-written the same paragraph about 50 times in the last 3 month. Just a couple lines that keep driving me nuts... the meat of my cover letter–where I'm supposed to pull you in and shine. At times, depending on the position I'm applying for, I either sound over or under qualified. So I try to "dumb it down" a bit or highlight other talents that would be seen as a bonus. The whole process of submitting resumes, interviewing and marketing my assets is very similar to online dating. I would go as far as saying all my online dating experience has helped prepare me for this process.

A couple similarities between online dating and applying for jobs:
  • Online profiles are just more casual/witty resumes (or cover letters). Sure when applying for jobs you should be fairly direct, but since I'm in the design field it's appropriate and expected to insert some of my "character" into my marketing materials. Writing my fair amount of profiles has helped me analyze and highlight my strong assests.
  • In both instances, I create lil online glimpses of me (my stellar work, my exceptional experience, my fun friends, my cultured and inquisitive self, blah/blah, etc.).
  • I look for keywords in both opportunities that would lead me to believe that they are not worth my time (Printing companies that state they "are willing to train" = they want you to do manual labor or they are trying to be cheap and combine 2 positions in 1 (sales/design) ummmm, no. Dudes that state, "I'm a student of the world" = broke bums that live in mom's basement).
  • There is a fair amount of deception and let-down involved in the interview process and the 1st meet-up. What comes to mind the most... he's most-likely shorter, heavier, balder or has worse teeth than I expected. In interviews I often find out that they are paying yellow cheddar cheese kinda cash or their work is crap and I'm embarrassed for them when I have to bring out my portfolio. All this leads to a very irritated me. I'm irritated in both cases that I had to waste prep time, drive time and my witty "pitch" for NOTHING.
  • The Pitch. I hate to call it this in dating, but I think it's accurate. I've been on so many interviews and so many 1st and never dates, the things that come out of my mouth are so damn automatic. Sometimes I actually scare myself with the shizz I say... because after so many 1st time meetings I become more bold (is it more bold or bolder?). Hey, what do I have to lose? I would go as far as saying that I entertain people on both ends of the spectrum that I have no intention of every speaking to again, just to perfect my pitch.
  • The Follow-up. Not receiving one, even when you could care less about the job or date can make you second guess your greatness. Like... Damn, I thought I was pretty charismatic... I thought they were wow'd with my work. Were they not impressed? Maybe they were intimidated. Maybe they knew they couldn't provide me the challenge I needed. Yeah, that's it... because clearly, I am freakin' rad... duhhh.

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