Confidence in the kitchen and out.

Over at the kitchn, Dana meditates on Confidence...
 "Confidence is a funny thing. A hairsbreadth too much and it tumbles into arrogance and posturing. A touch too little and it's impossible to reach for the magic. In the kitchen, as with most of life, confidence is a very helpful, and also potentially dangerous, ingredient. When we're confident, we trust in our abilities and decisions. We don't hesitate, we act and, often, we act boldly. This can lead to some very delicious and interesting results. A dash of brandy in the soup, a nail-biting extra 10 seconds to sear the tuna, the pairing of sweet melon, chili and fish sauce for an impromptu appetizer are a few acts of culinary confidence I've been lucky to observe lately. It can be very energizing and inspiring and even beautiful to watch a confident cook at work.

I've also seen confidence ruin an entire meal. As mentioned, it just takes a little too much and suddenly we're choking on the cook's ego rather than being nourished by their generosity. The difference between the aforementioned boldness and this bravado is a subtle and difficult line to navigate (see photo above.) It takes a fair amount of mettle to be a brilliant cook (or anything for that matter) but it also takes a few drops of humility, too." More here.

This crapass economy is chipping away at my arrogance. I need to remind myself that I am the shit and take pointers from  Mr. Badass himself, my honey Anthony Bourdain.

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