On the topic of nerds I'd like to de-pant.

Last week I caught the last film of the summer projected on the pier at Fells Point. It was one of the only nights in months with zero humidity, so bonus add to the picturesque setting. The film was: 500 Days of Summer, which I had already seen but was eager to watch again. One scene in particular stood in my mind the second go round... Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character is in full-blown twinkle-toes effect. Euphoria has taken over and he seems pretty much unstoppable, especially in the work arena. There is a scene where co-workers are coming to him for help with "hooks" for greeting cards and the creative juices are flowin'. He's spewing out clever/catchy/witty lines one after another, regardless of the subject matter. So I got to wondering...

Does being in love lead to greater creative productivity?

(Doesn't this look like a Gap ad? btw)
I've been trying to think back on past love-like experiences, but I really can't remember if I felt more inspiration to "create" during those times. In all honesty, the last time I think I heard birds chirping it was only for like 4 months and that was prob more than 3 years ago. I do assume that it would at least free up some more time for creative pursuits. Single people (at least this one) feel the need to fill their schedule. Or else they might be deemed worthless individuals, but that's another topic.

There's always that flip-side though... the part of the movie where things fade to gray, sometimes black. The part where his boss suggests that he might be better suited writing bereavement cards. Not much productivity there. He does eventually use this opportunity as inspiration to pursue his actual dreams to become an architect. Which I believe, if he was pursuing from the get then the chic probably wouldn't have left him. Point being: We are at our most-sexiest when we are actually pursuing our dreams, not just talking about them. This is what I'm working on right now... being at my most-sexiest.

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