Recovering Bad Boy Lover

melting typeThe other day, I had a totally normal/civil/genuine conversation with one of my ex's. He had initially called to ask whether or not I wanted this dresser back that my mother had lent him. But before we got into that, we went through the typical catch-up... "How's work? How's your family? How was your summer? blah/blah/blah." But there was no bitterness. I genuinely wanted to hear that he was doing well. See, he was one of the only decent dudes I dated in my 20's. My 20's were plagued by back2back douche bags who I stupidly pledged my devotion to. I had to learn my lessons the hard way. Realize that–kicking and screaming my way through a relationship is no way to live. Realize that–it's not up to me to be anyone's savior, when I obviously need to help myself.

Eventually, I got to asking him if he was dating anyone. EVEN THOUGH... I totally knew the answer. He was never in my immediate social scene (not that I really have one and I totally do not recommend dating in your "circle"), but Smalltimore always lives up to it's name. Word of his new chic got back to me soon enough. Chances have it that Lil Miss Taco Tuesday works with his new chic's mother. She put 2 and 2 together and I received a phone call one random workday afternoon–demanding me to sign on to her facebook account and then click on chic's page, where I immediately found pics of their young love. I honestly did'nt feel much. Although there is always the automatic comparison that you do with new chic and you. Ego still intact, I was happy for him. She obviously could hear birds chirping when she was with him. It was cute. I hear now he has whole facebook albums dedicated to him (a ridiculous amount of poses with a boogie board). Well... good for him. He needed a chic like that. And maybe this dude needed a chic that was going to dedicate Flickr albums to him. Who knows... I know it ain't me.

I can't revolve my world around Dude. I will never dedicate albums to you.

Point really being... I felt all kinds of grown-up for having a grown-up conversation with an ex. Sad I know, but reality. You want to hear sad... I almost told someone the other day to "not be so nice... because I am a recovering bad boy lover" :/

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