Friday Dedication

Your ego always took credit for comments that did not concern you, but this one Buddy (oops, I know you hate when I call you that...) is all yours. Enjoy!

Where to begin... I won't go into gory details, but it took me all of 5 minutes to cyber-detective my way to the truth. This whole situation is great data for my tech-savvy dating post btw(which will hopefully appear next week). My effer salute this week goes out to someone who bullshitted me for months and whom I completely cut contact from (for quite some time)... Mr. Facebook Poker himself. So, I go soft. Fine, I'll let you know how I'm doing... Fine, maybe I'll pretend I care how you're doing (when in all honesty, sure I'd like you to be healthy but that's where my concern ends). It dawns on me yesterday–wouldn't I look like a fool if I'm giving Buddy an inch and he's dating a certain someone... especially when Buddy's main concern was devoting time to his career for the future that would possibly involve me. Hmm... A: Should I ask Buddy flat out? B: Should I get crafty? Since Craft is in my nature, I chose B. AND, what do I find??? A virtual scrapbook with photos accompanying dates of Buddy's love affair. Freakin' ouch, Buddy! Although I had already cut Buddy out of my life, it was a hard pill to swallow seeing Mr. Sincerity (aka Mr. Facebook Poker/aka Buddy) spending many intimate moments when he was supposed to be working on his "business plan". Maybe I somewhat deserve (see ex. 4) this for being an initial shallow b*tch, but you and I both know I proved myself and then some...

Buddy... your biggest draw (at least for me) was your sincerity. I am so impressed/in awe of people that can truly be who they are in any situation. Unfortunately, it's such a rare quality these days. I told you once that you had a disarming nature... Yeah, now I think that was show. A freakin' sham. I have smiley-toothed evidence (with accompanying dates) of what a sham you are. You just lost your biggest selling-point (tear/tear).

This is the last bit of effort that I will devote to you Buddy. I'd hate for you to think that all your insincerity was enough for me to skip a beat. Actually, after viewing your virtual romp of love, I went shopping/tanning and then joined my lovely lady friends for happy hour. So Cheers! I hope you name a taco after me... shall I suggest –The Trifecta: sweet, sour & spicy, with extra avocado (you know how I love avocado!).

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