Memorial Day Weekend Photos

This weekend was spent doing some (late)spring cleaning, hangin' with friends, family and myself(!). Some of you might find this odd... but I love/need solo time. You would think that living solo allows me lots of this, but that's not necessarily true. Monday nights are usually my "me" time. Then the week usually follows with gym dates, dinner dates, movie dates, family time, etc. Lately my Monday nights have been hijacked by neighbors, so when the weekend comes I just want to close the door on the world. That was this Friday. I made no plans, talked to friends happily about all of theirs and was content to spend the night by myself. I did nothing special... slept, cleaned, watched Up in the Air and resisted the urge to crawl into the fetal position (that movie is hella depressing/but good).

Saw these awesome boots in Hampden!

Waiting for Barnes and Nobles to open...

Sharks are overrated ;)

Lacrosse Finals at Ravens Stadium (M & T whatev)

Random/creepy dress shoes left near my door.

Pigtown gets new paint! Love/love/love!

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