My sweaty meet-up

So everyone and their mother loves to fix me up. Friends/Family, friends of family... I try not to take offense. In general I believe it's because I'm so damn likeable, either that or they'd like to add an artist to the family. One of my Titi's (aunts) actually said to me this weekend (after trying to sell me twins that go to her church), "Life is too short to live it alone." Yup. If I'm not dealing with, "So why are you still single," I'm dealing with that shit. Why is the assumption that I'm lonely or unhappy? Do I not look like I'm having a ball people???

Anywayz, Last night it was LM Hot Potato's turn (2nd time btw–1st time she hooked me up with a total DB, I've since forgiven her). My "date" mentioned that he was available on Tues or Wed. I said that I could meet up on Wed but it needed to be after 8 because I have this cardio/dance class. He said perfect because he has a softball game at a park near my house, so why don't we just meet up in sweats. Hmm... this would be a first, but I was kinda diggin' the idea. So, yes. Sure. A sweaty meet-up, why not. I actually think dudes look hot in sweats, so bonus. We planned to initially meet at Thirsty Dog, but after reading about this–I changed locations. The owner/chef of Dangerously Delicious pies was premiering his episode on the Food Network at Mums. One of those Bobby Flay shows where he challenges the local talent to a cook-off, specifically (here) a quiche throwdown. The chef is also a rocker dude, so he was performing at Mums as well. I'm now assuming my "date" is into food shows/dive bars/rock music/pies.

I receive a text that he has arrived... I'm parking. I'm in my running shorts, running shoes, sports bra–the whole 9. I text back that if he is not in his sweats I'm walking out. He says, "Ya gotta get here 1st". I walk up and he is in appropriate garb. I ask him if he has ever heard of Bobby Flay? Nope. Ever watch the Food Network? Nope. Ok, well you're in for a treat ;)

Mums is a total dive bar, which is nice because there is no judgement on our fashion choices. We grab a spot near the "stage"/tv and begin the traditional, "So where are you from's?". The bar fills quickly with older rockAbilly/hipsters. At 9, the loud stir of the crowd (including the DD chef) goes silent and stares up at the tv for the premiere. Kinda bizarre, especially for a 1st "date", but we are in sweats so-why not.

To my surprise the DD chef actually loses the challenge. This is rare, considering the judges of these challenges are always "local celebrities". Cindy Wolf was one of the judges (had to inform my "date" of the restaurants she owns...) My favorite part of the night: Cindy Wolf is giving her critique, "Well Rodney Henry's (owner of DD pies) quiche was packed full of meat and potatoes–changing the texture of the quiche... Bobby's quiche was creamy and smooth in my mouth (AND, the crowd goes wild!) like a quiche is supposed to be." Ahh, Cindy... ya set yourself up for that one.

Final note: I dig the sweaty date concept. It was totally comfortable and a time saver.

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