Pocketful of Dreams

This weekend I drove up to NYC to visit fam. Drove up solo, which I always look forward to. Driving solo gives me an opportunity to do some re-evaluating and bad singing at ridiculous levels.

I can only enter NYC several ways: • listening to Hot 97  • listening to La Mega (97.9)  • listening to Gloria Estefan (because of the MANY trips with Moms–Cuts Both Ways... I can sing it for you forward and back)  • (most recently) Alicia Keys' Empire State of Mind Pt. 2 (chillz)

Some of the many reasons I love NYC: It's a smorgasbord of inspiration for anyone with their eyes open and speaking of eyes... everyone there loves to play "chicken"–as in, stare you directly in your eyes and dare you to turn away first... I love this game, I'm good a this game.

Deep thoughts on the drive: –I don't do a ton of complimenting (side effect from dating dudes with too much of an ego), but if I were to compliment-what do I say? "Hey handsome!" Where did that word "handsome" come from anyway? Hand and some... some hands... as in "He's got some hands" and you know what they say about hands... (that's false btw).
–I want to marry a dude with the surname Power, so that I can name our son/daughter William or Wilhelmina

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