Hip Hop and the Office

This is primarily a rock/indie/Beatles office, but I try to insert some hip hop when/wherever I can.

Brainstorming genius ideas/taglines for a Checkpoint Strikeforce campaign...
So far: -”Blow Me” (with give-aways like whistles/kazoos/harmonicas)
-”Check out and Check in" (jail cell with room key)
-”Check yourself (yoself) before you (wriggity) wreck yourself (yoself)”
How freakin’ perfect is that? Pretty darn perfect, with a whole shitload of copyright issues, but still. What is Das EFX doing these days anyway?!?

May totally gets this (hip hop reference). Just to double check, I intercom Paulie Walnuts (Gaming nerd and Photoshop artisan, he was listening to music created using Nintendo Gameboy's yesterday-no joke) in the other room. Me: Paulie, what do you think of when I say, “You better check yourself before you wreck yourself”? Paulie Walnuts: Das EFX (me to May: see he gets it) Me: Thanks Paulie, good boy.

(Listening to JayZ’s Blueprint)
Mouth: Who’s Shawty? I keep hearing her name everywhere... Shawty this, Shawty that. Me: Really? It’s Shorty! Like hey Shorty! Just a different way of saying it. She then proceeds to tell me how her son is going to be really disappointed, he thinks Shawty is a person, you know like “Shawty on the dancefloor”.
Mouth: I was wondering why all these rappers know her name. Me: Yeah, that Shawty she gets around.

And this:


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