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Sent from GI Dreamy (aka Sexy Pants–depending on how the wind is blowing) in response to Cocktail Profiling (see post below):
For the most part, i think all of those descriptions are horseshit (except for the Black and Tan). A chick that orders a Champagne Cocktail (unless at breakfast) is either underage or has Daddy issues. Or a stripper. Though i guess that was covered under "Daddy issues." If you order a Mojito you had better either currently be on vacation, or just returned from one. The Gimlet is very middle of the road. It might make me think you are just starting to drink liquor and really need the lime to help you through it, or you think it sounds grown-up to order (it doesn't). It's sorta creative, without any creativity at all.  I think the margarita all depends on WHERE the drink is ordered. If a girl orders a top-shelf margarita from anywhere but a restaurant known for margaritas it screams high maintenance, sorority girl. "Really? We're at an Irish bar. You want an F-n Reposado Margarita? Is that because you read about it in Cosmo once? Fine, give me your Dad's credit card for the tab."

The only things you need to know how to order on a date are a glass of wine, a beer, or a liquor and mixer. Those say, "Hey I am a normal person who isnt pretending to be anything. Oh and I have been to a bar before and am a grown up."  Though, a glass of wine really only fits with a restaurant. Shots are always welcome. Just not at dinner.

I'd have to agree with most of this... I think situation is an important factor. I'm not going to order a margarita/mojito in a bar known for their beer variety. I think dudes don't order mojito's because they seem girlie (2many accessories) or maybe they don't like to say the word mojito (mō•hē•tō), but they are mighty tasty. I am guilty of ordering wine outside of restaurants because......................... I don't drink beer! Sue me! I said it and I'm 31 years old–I'm not starting now, so stop your stinkin' judgement. I'm a happy wino :)

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